Born in Glasgow, but quickly assimilated into the capital in his childhood, Jo The Waiter sampled his first taste of Electro at thirteen, and grew addicted to the likes of Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Soft Cell, The Human League and electro god Gary Numan. These influences are often reflected in his tunes, but he’s no stranger to delving into something new, as proved by successfully spinning indie and house at a family engagement party. Don’t worry folks, Jo The Waiter wouldn’t be seen dead playing that professionally.

Devoted to technology, which includes his day job as a control room assistant on the Underground, over the years he has dabbled in composing ‘Bleak Electronica’ and creating remixes, occasionally adding them to his sets.

Jo The Waiter officially lost his DJ virginity in 2006 at Godlike, an inevitable step, and has since built a reputation for himself playing Dark Electro, 80’s Electronic, Industrial and EBM & IDM tunes at some of London’s best club nights, including more than four years of events at AntiChrist at Club Colosseum in Vauxhall, numerous Godlike nights and aftershow parties, Club Coition at Sin, Project Rio, Syn at the Corporation in Sheffield, and with his electro hero Gary Numan at Club Noir at The Electric Ballroom in Camden and the Scala in Kings Cross.

Now heavily involved in all aspects of the business, he is now a permanent member of Dark Electro band Global Citizen, doing online promo for Flag Promotions and has co-run three Gary Numan themed nights entitled “Exiled” at which he also was the main DJ.

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