Retro Mix Tape Project – Tape 1 Sides A + B

I had been thinking of making a mix tape or two for some time now. So when I started to think about what to put on it, I had a lightbulb moment, why not use my original cassettes I compiled back in the early 90s. What you have here is the first of those tapes, recreated in Traktor and created as two halves of a tape. The DJ in me meant I decided to not have any gaps and so mixed very loosely to ensure a good listen. All tracks are from the 80s and are taken from their CD counterparts, apart from the Philip Jap ones. These are professional vinyl rips. The original cassette was made in 1993. 

Had a lot of fun on this retro project.. hope they take you back to the days of the Walkman like they have with me.

 Jo The Waiter x

 photo 2

~ by calumgray on May 7, 2013.

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